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The desperate situation of the wild Hoodia populations in Africa

Hoodia is difficult to grow. It's slowly and needs very skilled people to do that. In many African countries is much easier to wild harvest than to grow.

Food for today, famine for tomorrow. Typical African way of do the things.

The illegal "hunting season" is open and many wild Hoodia populations are now being severely overexploited or simply eradicated. There are many examples and African conservationists are beginning to become very concerned about this ecological plundering. Please don't support this ecological disaster.

All kind of "collection"(seeds, flowers, branches...) has its effects in wild plants, but only one thing could be worse than harvest the whole plant and it is to harvest an entire population.

And the true is that collectors are not only devastating populations of all Hoodia species, they are sometimes so greedy and clumsy that are harvesting any plant with the slightly appearance of an hoodia, from other asclepiadaceae to even introduced cactus.

Curious also that they ask for "Hoodia gordonii", wondering which is the way they use to differentiate one Hoodia species from other (difficult when plants are in flower, nearly impossible the rest of the year).

In the Republic of South Africa and Namibia, the legal and controlled harvesting has now now very strict conditions and laws.

This is an e- Mail we received from one of our main seed suppliers in RSA

A people we respect and know time ago.

Little comments, if any, needed.

Those guys are very good collecting seeds and know very well the whole country.

If they say this, then the situation for Hoodia is not very good, and each day is becoming worse.

Unfortunately Hoodia has many isolated populations of unique species and geographic variants that are disappearing at an alarming rate.

This one is a curious article from Botswanan scientific Bruce Hargreaves about the "Wild Hoodia Harvesting", in which is described that an hallucinogenic introduced weed cactus is being harvested and exported as "Hoodia".

See the full article here:

High on Hoodia?

Article Posted in The Philadelphia Inquirier
on Sun, Jul. 09, 2006.

Full article: But do Hoodia diet pills actually work?Diet miracle from an African plant is a spam special

By Erika Engelhaupt
For The Inquirer

The wise opinion of Southafrican Lady, succulent and desert plants specialist Ms. Eurica Teichmann in her blogspot about Hoodia.

Much more people like her is needed not only in Africa, but also in any country.

Congratulations and thanks!!!




This is a screen region captured from an South African "Farmers" web.

"If you have wild Hoodia gordonii to harvest, call..."

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