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Other Plants We Work With

This is a selecction of some other "Desert Crops" developed or improved by the Xerics Group and open to negotiation deals with any part interested.

Aloe vera field in south Gran Canaria island
Aloe vera

Tha Canarian Desert is origin of most of the Aloe grow in the American Countries and Europe.

Nobody knows how the aloe arrived to the islands. Actually there are two main cooperatives, some big growers, many small producers and nearly 200 hectareas devoted to this crop.

Aloe is estremely easy to grow in the canarian climate and soil, but never seed reproduction has been constated, so all the Aloe that could be saw in differente areas, growing like wild, must be planted by somebody in some old day.

Must say that we don't have the space, not the room or the actitude (too bored crop) for an Aloe industrial growing operation.

The Aloe marketing has been a little overacted, just our opinion, but the true is that there is a worldwide demand now fullfilled in Europe in most cases with material from other areas.

The aloe vera produced in the Canarian Desert is organic grow, free of chemicals and pesticides and second to none in quality, concentration and availability. It couldn't be in other way, an absolute weed that needs absolutely nothing to grow here. Made an hole, put one plant or shoot, water someday and forgot. Goats don't harm aloe and keep the field clean.

The Xerics Group Research and Development Areas in relation to Aloe are:

- Development and promotion of micropropagated Aloe vera plants, a good material for plantation foundations, easy to transport and easy to sell as souvennir or so.

- Development and improvement of new ways of Aloe gel preparation, preservation, and intake.

- Development of a specific Aloe arboretum with the most possible species (many of wich are now being propagated from seed).

- Offering a logistic service of sales and export of crude aloe leaves, as raw material, to any industrial customer.

Sceletium flowering at Hoodia Ranch greenhouses
Sceletium tortuosum 

The southafrican Kanna. A new potential crop.

Its propierties are into the Pharmacologic and herbal industry. 

It is one of the surest and more natural raw material for treatment of some mood disorders, anxiety and depression; Kanna elevates mood and decreases anxiety, stress and tension.

The major active constituent is Mesembrine, an alkaloid, others are mesembrenone, mesembrenol and tortuosamine. The total alkaloid concentration in the dry material ranges from 0.04 to 2.3%.

Actually is in the phase of experimental propagation and adaptation.

Sceletium belongs to the family Mesembryanthemaceae. With some related species, of the genus Mesembryanthemum (M. cristallinum and M. nodiflorum), growing wild in the Canarian Desert, very specially in the lower levels and near the sea.